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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Camille's Algebra Scribe Post

Chapter Review questions (7,8,9,10)

b)  Yes the graph is linear because it goes in a straight line and it adds the same number each time.

c)  Yes it is possible to have points in between the other points because you can work an hour and a half and get payed.

a) This graph is showing how much cars grade 8's washed and how much they got payed for each one.

b) The number of cars (x axis) goes up by 1 and the income (y axis) goes up by 10. The graph is also linear.

c) The cost of one car wash costs $10.


e)  10C=I

C= # of cars
I= Income ($)


a) The x axis goes up by 1 and the y axis goes up by 2. The graph is linear and the first point is on the y interval.

c)         3x+2=y

d)      3x+2=y

   b)  A goes up by 1 and B goes up by 4.
   c)  Ax4+1=B

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